Get Doughnuts and Pizza at Spris' Honeybee Doughnut Pop-Up

Beginning today, snag a pairing of doughnuts and pizza at Spris thanks to Honeybee Doughnuts. The one-weekend-only pop-up will feature hand-selected treats by Karen Muirhead, founder of Honeybee, coupled with warm slices of dough, sauce, and cheese. 

"Pizza and doughnuts naturally go together," Muirhead says. "Any of our flavors would pair beautifully with any one of Spris’ artisan pizzas."

Though there isn't a deal on purchasing a doughnut and a slice together (both must be paid for separately), treat yourself — it's the weekend, after all. 

Consider a speck e burrata pizza with a guava and cheese doughnut. The creaminess of the cheese, saltiness of the meat, and sweetness of the guava blend into a sweet and savory afternoon bite. The rucola and prosciutto and the Honeybee caramel go well together too — the pizza's tangy pepper flavor complements the honey and caramel glaze. For something earthy, try the alba pizza, topped with truffle and mushrooms, along with a 'smores doughnut, which features a smoky aftertaste.

The pop-up, which runs today through this Saturday, will rotate among Spris' three Miami locations. The first day will be held at the Lincoln Road spot; on Friday, find doughnuts at the downtown outpost; and Saturday, visit Spris' midtown location. 

"It is an amazing opportunity to extend a taste of Honeybee Doughnuts outside our immediate area in South Miami," Muirhead says. "I am very excited to introduce our doughnuts to new customers and add accessibility to others who already know us.”

Though flavors will rotate at each location, expect to see plethora of Pokémon- and emoji-inspired varieties, along with 'smores, guava and cream cheese, Oreo-filled, and Honeybee caramel, which fuses in-house honey and caramel glaze.

"We are always looking to bring something new, delicious, and exciting to our guests," Spris' Annabelle Bovet says. "We really believe this will be a huge hit."

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