Five Thanksgiving Hacks From Miami's Best Chefs

Thanksgiving is the time when family and friends gather around the table to share both warm feelings and good food.

Well, that's the Hallmark Channel myth that most of us grow up with. The reality, of course, is that Uncle Phil will drink too much and divulge that he voted for Trump, and your mom will tell you that she should have made the turkey because yours was too dry.

This year, we have a suggestion about how to handle Thanksgiving. First — institute a no-politics policy at the table. Then allow Miami's best chefs and industry professionals to give you their pro tips and hacks to turn your Thanksgiving into the best one yet.
Thanksgiving Recipe: Mashed Potatoes From Blue Collar's Danny Serfer
Like any great turkey meal, the secret is in the taters. If your mashed potatoes don't cut it, the whole meal is a bust — and that's a problem. But fret not. We consulted with a mashed-potato connoisseur: Danny Serfer from Blue Collar. He was kind enough to pass on his recipe (and explicit instructions) for Blue Collar's creamy mashed Yukon Gold potatoes.
Chef Peter Vauthy's Ultimate Turkey Tips for Thanksgiving Success
Before you lay one finger on that bird, let Red the Steakhouse's Peter Vauthy show you how to get the most from your turkey. What, you say? A steakhouse chef who talks turkey? Let's just put it this way: At a recent Friendsgiving dinner at the SoFi restaurant, Vauthy served a turkey that was so moist and so tender it blew everyone away.
Cindy Hutson Knows What to Do With Your Thanksgiving Leftovers
The thought of food might not sound as appetizing as it did yesterday while you gobbled down turkey, gravy, potatoes, and one too many servings of Grandma's pie. But for the sake of survival, you'll have to eat something today. Chef Cindy Hutson has a suggestion.
Sailor Jerry's Steve Millar Shares the Secret to Stocking Your Home Bar for the Holidays
Thanksgiving is next week, and you've prepared the perfect menu that combines traditional turkey with modern twists. That's great, but how is your cocktail game? Hosting a proper bar during the holidays is just as important as offering delicious food.
Fireman Derek's Five Steps to the Perfect Pie for Thanksgiving
Pie is the capper to any and every Thanksgiving celebration, but mastering it is perhaps the most challenging part of the meal. Sogginess, underbaking, and the wrong equipment are all sins that have probably sent you out of the kitchen with your head hung low. If you’re beginning to doubt your skills, take some advice from the pie man himself, Derek Kaplan of Miami's legendary Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop & Cafe.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.