The Five Best Fall Pumpkin Dishes in Miami

Tanuki's fried "Cinderella Beef Puff" dim sum dumplings
Tanuki's fried "Cinderella Beef Puff" dim sum dumplings Photo courtesy of Tanuki
One of autumn's most irresistible flavors, pumpkin makes for a delicious addition to everything from dinner to dessert.

Miami chefs are incorporating the squash to their list of comfort food dishes, wonderfully rich and seasoned to remind us that "colder weather" is on its way.

If pumpkin is an integral part of your menu of fall favorites, select from the best five options below to indulge in.
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Caffe Abbracci's pumpkin risotto
Photo courtesy of Caffe Abbracci

Caffe Abbracci

318 Aragon Ave., Coral Gables

In Coral Gables, chef Elmer Moreno is giving an Italian classic a boost of fall flavor. His main course of pumpkin risotto is a creamy dish that toes the line between sweet and savory and is served with parmesan crisp for a touch of crunch ($32).
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Whipped pumpkin spice bisque
Photo by Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar

Chef Adrianne’s Vineyard Restaurant & Bar

11715 Sherri Ln., Miami

Chef Adrianne Calvo's eponymous eatery is featuring a whipped pumpkin spice bisque this season. Her rendition of the creamy vegetarian soup blends roasted pumpkin, olive oil, honey, and pumpkin spice seasoning. A pinch of kosher salt and black pepper brings out the squash's deep, earthy flavor ($11). “Pumpkin is the perfect addition to a bisque as it gives it an incredibly velvety texture, an earthy, sweet flavor, and that beautiful orange color," Calvo says. "It’s also the matriarch of the season, so we tried to pay homage to the ingredient in a delicate yet strong way.”
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Fireman Derek's pumpkin pie
Photo courtesy of Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

Fireman Derek's Bake Shop

Various locations

If you love cheesecake and pie, make sure Fireman Derek's Bake Shop is on your radar this season. The bakery's new lineup includes two delicious pumpkin treats. The pumpkin pie slices beautifully to reveal creamy, custardy pumpkin-spiced puree filling. The dessert is topped with fresh whipped cream, crunchy streusel, and drizzled with caramel ($38 whole/$7.50 slice). FD's pumpkin cheesecake is cradled in the bake shop’s classic graham cracker crust, then crowned with housemade pralines and drizzled with caramel sauce ($59.99 whole/$6.99 slice). Orders can be placed through the restaurant's website.
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Le Jardinier's red kabocha
Photo courtesy of Le Jardinier

Le Jardinier

151 NE 41st St., Miami

At Le Jardinier, chef Alain Verzeroli turns out an autumn-inspired starter made with red kabocha squash, AKA Japanese pumpkin. The squash is pureed and served with a vibrant mix of Honeycrisp apples and marinated black plums, layered with Marcona almond gremolata and burrata ($22).
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Pubbelly's pumpkin dumplings
Photo courtesy of Pubbelly Sushi

Pubbelly Sushi

Various locations

Pubbelly is celebrating the season with chef Jose Mendin's lush duck and pumpkin dumplings, part of the eatery's rotating monthly throwback menu. A combination of duck à l'orange and ravioli with brown butter, the dish was first served at the eatery in the fall of 2010. Pumpkin puree meets a hint of cinnamon and duck confit cooked with five-spice, which is topped with an almond brown butter toasted with soy and small segments of orange for a fun twist to your meal ($14).
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Cinderella Beef Puff dim sum dumplings
Photo courtesy of Tanuki


1080 Alton Rd., Miami Beach

Tanuki's special pumpkin creation is a fried dim sum dumpling, the "Cinderella Beef Puff." The starter combines Wagyu beef, pumpkin, scallions, and dehydrated lychee. Pumpkin adds silkiness and subtle flavor for a textural contrast ($12).
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