Doc B's Fresh Kitchen Brings Healthful, Balanced Eating to Aventura

For Aventura residents, the struggle to maintain an active "foodie" lifestyle is real. Most restaurants in the city's three square miles are chains and franchises, so the opening of Aventura ParkSquare (2950 NE 207th St.), a mixed-use development on the north side of town, is refreshing. The complex will bring a bevy of standalone health-conscious dining spots, adding to the area's culinary landscape. One such restaurant offering healthful dining options is Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen.

The Chicago-based restaurant, slated to open in early 2018, is one of the larger establishments joining Aventura's newest development. With 5,600 square feet, the eatery will feature an open-air concept and minimalistic design, reflecting the restaurant's focus on clean eating.

But according to founder/president Craig Bernstein, there's more to Doc B's than healthy eats.

"Our approach is simple," he says, "and our menu takes more of a balanced approach versus a healthy approach. We source all of our beef, chicken, and fish from sustainable farms and water sources. All of our dressings are made in-house every single day, and we use only top-shelf ingredients in all of our house-made dishes.

"We try to find people who do one thing great and then partner with those people," he adds, "whether that's our coffee roaster in Chicago, our spice maker in Indiana, our lo mein noodle shop in California, or even our liquor distillery from Chicago who has moved into Florida."

The restaurant plans to partner with farmers and small purveyors to source ingredients for every dish made from scratch. But as of now, no partnerships have been solidified. 

The menu at Doc B's will be craveable, Bernstein says. Expect items like spicy tuna summer rolls, Cajun rib eye with avocado butter, and a California salad with kale, dried cranberries, and wasabi peas tossed in roasted-garlic dressing, he adds. The menu will also include an extensive selection of craft beers, wines, and spirits. Prices range from $5 to $20. 

Aventura's residential-style neighborhood is, Bernstein says, one of the main reasons Doc B's decided to set up shop in the northernmost part of Miami-Dade County as opposed to downtown Miami or Miami Beach. 

"We pride ourselves on being a community restaurant where residences and tourists alike feel at home," he says. "Our menu is broad on purpose so that a family of five can all be excited when Doc B's is for dinner. There is something for everyone."

Named for Bernstein’s late father, “Doctor B,” Doc B’s opened in Chicago in September 2013; there's a second location in Tampa. Aventura will mark the restaurant's first South Florida outpost. The company plans to expand to Fort Lauderdale as well as Fort Worth, Austin, and Dallas.

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