Chef Tim Andriola Tells A Funny Kitchen Story From His Days At Chef Allen's

Chef Tim Andriola has been lauded by food critic John Mariani in Esquire Magazine as a "chef to keep your eye on," going on to say that he "definitely has the touch of a master."

He started as a kid in Lee, New Hampshire at his family's restaurant, the Gateway. In South Florida he started as a busser at Chef Allen's before becoming Chef De Cuisine. Later, he worked as Executive Chef at Mark's South Beach before opening his own spot, TIMO in Sunny Isles with former Norman's GM Rodrigo Martinez.

Here's a funny kitchen story as told by Chef Tim Andriola...

"I was making a lobster bisque in a Robo instead of a blender, a robo is the wrong tool for the job, this is back in 92' before I knew any better. It was in Chef Allen's kitchen when I'd just started there. So allofa sudden the machine starts to shake, remember this is hot bisque in there, lobster shells and everything else, so the robo's shaking like crazy, next thing you know the top of it flew off, I'm covered in burning hot lobster bisque, so is Mumford, the guy next to me, so is the ceiling, the walls, the floor, everywhere. I'm burnt all on my face, covered with splotchy red marks. Mumford had it even worse, it was most of his body. It took at least two hours to clean everything up. Chef Allen was not amused, but he got over it. It's funny now. It was a novice mistake."

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