Bunnie Cakes: Try the Sin Tres Leches in a Mini-Mason Jar

Every vegan east of Portland has heard about Bunnie Cakes' impossibly moist cupcake creations. It's this flair for cruelty-free cooking that earned owner Mariana Cortez a spot on Food Network's Cupcake Wars.

But now the cozy bakery is offering something new: to-go treats in adorable mini-mason jars, ranging from cacao chia pudding to passion fruit cheesecake to sin tres leches. And as expected, they're decadently delicious -- with Cortez's famous healthy twist.

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We sampled the lot, and the sin tres leches ($6.50) was a standout. (It also comes in gluten-free, $7.) Moist and creamy, it's just the right portion size of vegan vanilla cake, organic coconut milk, toasted coconut flakes, cinnamon powder and organic coconut whipped cream.

Varieties also include a richly sweet passion fruit cheesecake ($7) made with gluten-free graham crackers, lime juice, agave nectar, organic tofu, vegan cream cheese, vanilla beans, cinnamon, evaporated cane juice and homemade passion fruit marmalade; an earthy raw oatmeal ($6.50) with oats, coconut milk, cinnamon and agave nectar -- plus a tangy strawberry cheesecake ($7) and a jelly-like cacao chia pudding ($6.50). There's also a parfait made with coconut yogurt ($6.50).

Cortez was inspired to add the new options based on her family's at-home eating habits.

"These are desserts and treats we eat at our house, the oatmeal, the granola parfait and chia pudding were desserts we usually have at home," says Cortez. "We all love them, these are some of my personal favorites recipes."

"The flavors for the cheesecakes are the flavors I love, they remind me of my childhood, but of course I tweaked all the recipes with no dairy and no gluten," she adds.

The colorful little concoctions are stocked up in their in-store refrigerator case, ready to be scooped up by anyone with a sweet tooth. All are GMO-free, vegan and kosher.

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