Bunnie Cakes' New 305 Cafecito Cupcake Uses Panther Coffee

All about the 305 till you die? Then you know that besides being Miami's area code, 305 also marks the city's official cafecito time. That movement began in April 2013, when Miami Mayor Tomás Regalado declared 3:05 p.m. Miami's official cafecito break time after local public-relations maven JennyLee Molina turned a social media hashtag into a bona fide movement.

Now there's one more way you can get your dose of midday liquid energy, and it involves a guiltless guilty pleasure: cupcakes. Miami's sweetest vegan and gluten-free bakery, Bunnie Cakes, has introduced its monthly flavor: 305 cafecito.

"We did an espresso flavor that became very popular a couple of years ago," owner Mariana Cortez says. "And I was talking to JennyLee about what we could do, and in that I realized June is her birth month, so I thought, Why not do a cafecito cupcake?"

Molina was thrilled. "I just love the 305 cafecito campaign, and I thought what way to honor the one who invented it than by having it as a flavor of the month?" Cortez says. To take it one step further, the first five people at Bunnie Cakes at 3:05 p.m. June 16 (Molina's birthday) will receive a free cupcake.

We know what you're thinking: What exactly is in the 305 cafecito — café con leche, Cuban colada, shot of espresso? The answer is better than any of those. "We use Panther Coffee beans to make an espresso cream as the filling for a vanilla cupcake," Cortez explains. What better way, after all, to honor the local coffee time than with local coffee?

In addition to the vanilla frosting, espresso swirl acts as the cherry on top of the 305 cafecito cupcake. "And, of course, the heart," adds Cortez, who says there's a good chance 305 cafecito might stick as a daily flavor. "Maybe we just leave it as a 305 cafecito to go with the city's tradition." 

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