All Day Coffeehouse Will Reopen March 15

All Day coffeehouse in downtown Miami
All Day coffeehouse in downtown Miami Photo by Zachary Fagenson
After a ten-month closure, All Day coffeehouse is finally set to reopen.

All Day partner Camila Ramos tells New Times the plan was always to reopen the downtown Miami coffee shop that for five years served some of the city's finest brews and bites.

Ramos says she and partner Chris MacLeod are putting the finishing touches on the restaurant before the doors open on March 15. "We have just shy of four weeks left to reopen," she says adding that only minor touchups were needed cosmetically.

What will change, however, is the way All Day will operate. For one, Ramos and MacLeod are shifting duties around.

"I've been the owner-operator for almost six years since we've opened," Ramos says. "And, really, I've been looking for a manager to take over since late 2019. I was trying to step back and wanted to take more of a founder role."

Then COVID hit.

"Instead of stepping back, I had to double down and go knee-deep."

At first, Ramos and her team at All Day did all they could to stay open. They started selling staples like eggs and milk along with coffee and sandwiches. "It was great in many ways — 2020 and 2021 had a lot of obstacles to overcome, but when we faced them, it was very rewarding," she says. 

But the level of energy required to maintain All Day during the pandemic, coupled with workforce challenges and constantly changing pandemic rules, proved to be too much. "The restaurant industry is highly unpredictable, but the pandemic took the chaotic nature to a whole new level. The work-life balance was unbalanced," Ramos says. "There was a level of burnout with myself and the whole team."

In May 2021, Ramos decided to close All Day and regroup.

"I needed to step back and take a breath and figure out how we can restructure so that we can think creatively and strategically and be the community pillar we want to be while not being overwhelmed," she explains. "Closing was painful for me, but it was more painful to know our team was struggling. There was no end in sight. We all needed a break."

When All Day reopens, MacLeod will take more of an onsite role, while Ramos will concentrate on building community, education, and interacting through social media. She'll have time to focus on what makes All Day special: the coffee. "I'll be making sure we have competition-level coffee," she promises.

All Day has also brought a general manager on board, along with a chef and sous chef who will execute the same dishes that people loved at All Day. "If you look at the menu online, it's been untouched for ten months and that's what we're reopening with," Ramos says. That includes the café's French toast and mushroom country toast.

And though the management team is set, Ramos is still looking to hire baristas and other support staff.  Applicants are invited to submit a résumé to [email protected]

When All Day opens, Ramos wants the restaurant to continue to be the place Miamians come for coffee and community. "We want to stay true to our values and execute with excellence."

All Day. 1035 N. Miami Ave., Miami; 305-699-3447;
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