Miami and FAMU Fans' Fight Captured on Video

Well jeez, we literally just got done defending the honor of "The U," when this popped up in our inbox.

Last time the Miami Hurricanes pulled off a shut out it resulted in an on-the-field brawl with cross town opponents FIU. Well, apparently during last night's blow out of FAMU there was some brawling going on, but it was between fans in the stands. Of course there is video complete with undergrads tumbling down rows of seats.

Oh, the sweet irony of students on the loudspeaker proclaiming "It's one of the best schools in the world."

According to YouTube comments, which as we all know, are the best source of information, the fight was between FAMU and UM fans. Says the guy who posted the video

FAMU fans started it they were leaving and they started cussing people around us and the dude (wearing the white canes jersey #12) slapped the dude (with the orange polo shirt's) hat off and they started spitting at each other and the rest is on the video

[7th Floor Blog: bro. miami fans are just like that sometimes bro. via Deadspin]

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Kyle Munzenrieder