Marlins Ship Jorge Cantu to the Rangers

Jorge Cantu and his productive bat and his Spaghetti Western movie villain facial hair were all shipped to Texas yesterday in exchange for pitching prospects Evan Reed and Omar Paveta. The Marlins will be paying $600,000 of the $2.2 million remaining on Cantu's contract, because, well, these are the Marlins we're talking about, so that sounds about right.

The move adds depth and much needed help to a bullpen that, if you haven't noticed, is quite craptastic. When asked how he felt about being traded to the AL West leading, playoff bound Rangers, Cantu responded: 

"It is a huge relief because it was lingering around my head for like a week. I tried not to think about it too much. Probably it affected me a little on the field. I don't know, maybe, maybe not. It's a weight off my shoulders for sure." 

Then he turned, did a fist-pump, and ran around in circles doing the happy dance til he threw up and passed out. 

No word on whether or not other Marlins will be traded before tomorrow's deadline, but Cody Ross seems to be a highly coveted player. And there's Dan Uggla, who is always in the middle of trade speculation this time every year. Whatever it takes to shed payroll so we can get that awesome home plate aquarium in the new stadium! 

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