Man in French Maid Outfit Nabbed During Prostitution Sting

A lot of weird things happen in Florida every week, and on Friday we're here to bring you the weirdest. This week: a horny male French maid, a nudist colony attack, and the world's most paranoid pot grower. 

Man in Maid Costume Arrested During Prostitution Sting
The story of David Marsh has all the makings of a good WTF Florida story. He answered an ad placed online by what he thought was a prostitute. He hoped she would dominate him. He agreed to meet at a hotel and rode his bicycle there (he travels by bike because of a previous DUI). When he showed up, he took off his outer layer of clothing to reveal a French maid outfit and a dog collar. Underneath his apron was some sort of male chastity belt. Turns out, however, the prostitute was an undercover deputy, and Marsh was arrested. 

Naturally, it made headlines, and the incident has gone viral for obvious reasons. 

The arrest was part of a wider prostitution sting in which the Polk County Sheriff's Office arrested 95 people and publicly shamed every single one. Dubbed "Operation Naughty or Nice," the five-day sting netted 33 johns, 50 prostitutes, and 12 people who were arrested on other charges.

Sheriff Grady Judd seems to take a bit too much glee in publicly shaming those arrested, though. The amount of public assistance that arrestees received, their job titles, and marital status were collected and disseminated to the public. Many, it seems, had turned to prostitution just to get by. The Polk County Sheriff's Office might also need some sensitivity training. The department refers to multiple arrestees as "transgender," while others are classified as "transvestite." The news release is kind of a sad document to read. 

These prostitution stings seem to be a regular hobby of many smaller county sheriff's departments in Florida. This sting is at least Polk County's third of the year. Yet the county still seems to have plenty of people engaging in prostitution. Larger Florida law enforcement offices tend to forgo such tactics and concentrate on going after sex-trafficking rings and violent pimps. 

Paranoid Grow-House Dealer Turns Himself in After Hearing a Helicopter 
Marijuana has a tendency to make some users paranoid, but if you involve yourself in the illegal growing of the substance, it's for the best that you aren't prone to paranoia yourself. Florida pot grower Jasper Harrison appears to be in the running for most paranoid person of the year. 

Harrison, 47, was operating an illegal grow house in a storage unit in Edgewater (the Volusia County town, not the rapidly gentrifying Miami neighborhood). He was tending to his crops last week when he heard a helicopter circling above. Harrison apparently figured the jig was up — that the police had finally caught him and were about to conduct some sort of paramilitary raid on his little storage-unit grow house. 

So Harrison panicked and called 911 to turn himself in. He was worried he might get shot. 

Turns out, however, that the helicopter wasn't there for him. It wasn't even a police bird. Instead, it was the chopper of a local news station, covering a story about a suspicious death that had happened next door (sounds like a great neighborhood). Harrison was arrested and charged with possession of pot with intent to sell and cultivating marijuana within 1,000 feet of a school. 

13-Year-Old Stabs Woman at Nudist Colony
I think we can all understand a 13-year-old boy not being able to control himself at a nudist colony, but not quite in this way. An 18-year-old woman traveling alone from Georgia to the Florida Keys decided to stop off at Sunsport Gardens Naturist Resort in Loxahatchee. She went for a hike in the wooded nudist colony when she was attacked early Saturday morning. She suffered multiple stab wounds, but they weren't life-threatening. 

Police originally had no idea who committed the crime but then determined a 13-year-old boy was responsible. Turns out he lived there with his family, but the resort manager says he's no longer welcome back. The victim is said to be recovering and is concerned about the welfare of her attacker. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder