#LeBroning Is Your Latest Flopping-Crazed Vine Meme

Considering the speed at which the internet moves, it's sort of curious that this is becoming a meme. LeBron James (along with some of his teammates) has long been criticized for "flopping" to drawl fouls, likely because there isn't much else to criticize. So now all the kids on Vine are going crazy by walking up to random people and falling down after minimal contact. It's already taken on the tag #LeBroning.

Here's the Vine post from a kid named "Ronnie" that's credited with kicking off the trend.

Interestingly, it was uploaded 229 days ago but is only know catching fire on the web and inspiring imitators. And, boy, are there a lot of imitators.

It has even found its way to Instagram.

Oh, sure, it's all fun and games until someone accidentally breaks a damn hip. Flop safely, kids.

LeBron James was not available for comment because he's busy at the White House today being honored by the president and likely does not care about people making fun of him online.

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