Jason Taylor Returns to Miami Dolphins, Again

Football's greatest on-again, off-again team-player love affair is officially back on. Jason Taylor is coming back to the Miami Dolphins for his third stint. The 36-year-old is expected to fill the team's need for a depth pass rusher. So does this mean he's officially the most popular guy on the Dolphins again? Or has this just become all completely ridiculous?

Taylor spent his first ten seasons in the NFL with the Fins before spending a season with the Redskins in 2008. If this was an actual relationship, we'd consider that an amiable break. Then in 2009 he came back to the Fins before heading off once again to spend a year with the Jets. Back to the relationship metaphor, that's pretty much the equivalent of taking up with a meth-addicted stripper with fake breasts and a bad perm. It's just hard for things to ever really be the same again after that.

Though, even if Taylor hadn't left for the Jets, his last departure wasn't under the best circumstances. It sort of appeared that the then-involved Bill Parcells and Jeff Ireland cut off contact with the former-fan favorite. Interestingly though, it seems that Tony Sparano personally reached out to Taylor and offered him a spot on next season's roster.

Taylor, of course lives in South Florida and has a history of community involvement. On a personal level it totally makes sense he's coming back to play here. Though, we figured that if he ever did return to the Dolphins it would be one of those one-day deals so he can officially retire with the team. Another season is a bit of a shocker.

Hopefully though you didn't burn your Taylor jersey last summer. It might actually come in handy this year.

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