Fort Myers Woman Gives Toddler a Wine Cooler, Gets Slapped by Brother

Never give a baby a wine cooler. Never slap your sister. Never slap your sister for giving a baby a wine cooler. Never call the police to report that your brother slapped you and then admit that you gave a baby a wine cooler. Basically, never do anything any of these people in this story did. In fact, it's probably just best that you never drink wine coolers in the first place.

Laqweeta Neal was holding a one-year-old child when she decided to let it drink from her wine cooler (apparently people still drink wine coolers, which is just as much news as anything else in this story). Laqweeta says it was just a "sip," but it was apparently enough to anger her brother, Rousheem Williams, according WZVN.

Rousheem allegedly slapped his sister in the face and twister her arm behind her back after she tried to get the baby tipsy.

Laqweeta then called police, and reported the assault, but also mentioned that she had given the child alcohol.

Police showed up and arrested Rousheem, but also picked up Laqweeta for supplying the child with alcohol in the first place.

How the child was related to either was not clarified.

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