Florida Woman's Fake Boobs Save Her From Being Stabbed To Death

Sure, most women can thanks their enhanced bust lines for landing a man, cutting the line at a club, or getting inundated with cat calls, but only one can claim that her boob job literally saved her life.

An unidentified Florida woman was stabbed in through the chest, but her saline breast implant was able to keep the knife from reaching her heart.

Of course, this is Florida so even the stabbing itself happened under ridiculous circumstances. The 41-year-old woman was outside of her ex-fiance's Brevard County apartment when her ex's new girlfriend confronted her. The new chick then decided to pull out her pocket knife.

First she scratched the woman's car, and then started stabbing her in the chest.

"It happened so fast. I'm like, 'Put down the knife.' I look down, and I was covered in blood," the victim told WESH.

The woman had just got her implants three months ago, and there was enough saline in the implants to keep the blade away from her heart.

Though, the breast implant was ruptured as a result, and the saline soaked the victim.

"When you stab it, it gives a little. It probably gave and couldn't get through it, then it went through it and couldn't go through the back wall. She would have had a collapsed lung or (the knife would have) hit her heart," the woman's doctor, Frank Filiberto said.

So ladies, if anyone makes fun of you for having fake breasts, just tell them they're extra protection against crazy bitches with pocket knives.

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