Florida Woman Hid Crack From Cop Under Her Dentures

I mean, I guess if a cop pulls you over and you've got a whole bunch of crack cocaine out in the open you've got to at least pretend to hide it somewhere, right? I've never done crack, but that sounds like pretty sound crack logic to me.

Police in Punta Gorda, Florida, pulled over a car containing Lora Ashley Whitehead, 25, and Kimberly Joyce Maroney, 49. The two had just pulled out of the driveway of a well known crack den called, and then pulled over into the parking lot of a closed business.

According to a local Sheriff's Office release, the two appeared to be shaking and noticeably nervous when the officer approached. Whitehead, who was driving, pulled out an expired Tennessee license. The two said they had just come from a mini-mart, but the officer said he had seen them exiting the drug house.

Whitehead got out of the car, as instructed, then threw a used syringe on the ground before handing it to the deputy. She admitted that she had just shot up crack cocaine. Needle marks were apparent on her arms.

Meanwhile the officer noticed that Maroney was keeping her mouth closed, but appeared to have something going on in there. He asked her to open her mouth, and he didn't see anything. He then noticed she was wearing dentures and asked her to take them out.

Viola! There were three large crack rocks hidden underneath her fake chompers.

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