Florida Woman Arrested After Sucking on Police Officer's Prosthetic Penis

Police have a history of pulling off some wacky stunts and spending a lot of time targeting prostitutes, but a Manatee County police officer's methods to arrest a hooker seem kind of cruel. He threw money at her, made her suck a rubber stunt penis, and then slammed on the car's brakes, causing her head to hit the dashboard.

The Manatee County Sheriff's Office deputy was working an undercover sting last week when he picked up Christina Vavra. According to the police report, they drove to a 7-Eleven so the officer could pick up some cash from an ATM. He then threw the money around the car, not even directly handing it to her, and asked that she leave enough left over so he could go grocery shopping.

Vavra, knowing that a real police officer is not allowed to expose himself, asked to see the undercover deputy's man junk before getting down to business. The officer said he needed to put a condom on and then pulled out a prosthetic rubber penis covered in a condom. Vavra began sucking it while the officer was still driving, apparently unaware it was a dopple-dong. Then the officer claimed he saw an opossum in the road and had to step on the brake. The quick stop caused Vavra to hit her head on the dashboard.

Only after all of this did the officer ask Vavra what her price was ($20 for oral). After all of that humiliation, he arrested her.

Meanwhile, we can only assume that crimes with actual victims were going on somewhere in Manatee County.

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Kyle Munzenrieder