Florida Man Steals Flowers From a Grave to Give to His Girlfriend

In today's economy it sure can be hard to romantic. Candle-lit dinners, boxes of chocolate, and a dozen roses aren't cheap. Sure, there're ways to save money, but there are just some things you should never do, even in the name of love.

Number one: Don't steal flowers placed on someone's grave in a cemetery to take home and give to your girlfriend.

David James Lee, a 44-year-old Jacksonville transient, was sitting behind bars for doing just that.

Police spotted Lee on Sunday exiting the Evergreen Cemetery. He had three bouquets still dripping with fresh soil in his possession.

He freely admitted that he "ripped them out of the soil next to a tombstone," and had planned to give them to his girlfriend. He didn't know the person whose grave he stole them from.

Even with Halloween season upon is, there is no way that's romantic.

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