Florida Man Calls 911 To Request Female Deputies Have Sex With Him

You can call 911 to come put out a fire, but that fire better not be in your pants. Yes, a Florida man sits behind bars after he tried to use 911 as his own personal sex service. He called the emergency service to request that female deputies report to his home for sex. What's amazing is that this not the first time the man has been arrested for this.

According to the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office, Joshua Basso, called 911 seven separate times between August 22 and August 24. Each time he requested that a female deputy come to his home for some sexing. We're not even sure porno script writers could come up with a such dumb idea.

Police eventually went to his home, not for sex, but to arrest him. Basso admitted to making the calls and was charged with seven counts of making false 911 calls.

This was not the first time Basso tried this stunt.

According to The Smoking Gun, back in 2009 Basso's cellphone ran out of minutes, so he decided to call the one number he knew was free: 911. He asked a 911 operator about her breasts, and wondered if she might come over to have sex with him. He also told her was masturbating at the time.

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Kyle Munzenrieder