Fancy BMW Headlight Theft Spree Strikes Miami Beach

You got a brand new BMW. You're feeling fly. You parked it on Miami Beach to go have dinner at Juvia. One thing leads to another and wind up at Mansion until 3 in the morning. You finally get back to your car, and whats this? Oh no, your headlights are missing. Yes, in Miami Beach thieves are increasingly targeting the fancy headlights on later models BMWs.

The Beemers now come equipped with adaptive headlights. They glow a distinctive blue tone, and sell for about $2,500. According to Miami Beach police, however, thieves are targeting the headlights, and selling them on the black market for about $1,000.

According to WSVN, the parking garage at the Flamingo Apartments on the bay side of the beach has been hit the hardest by the headlight thefts. Sometimes though the thieves fail to actually steal the headlights, and end up damaging them.

"They damaged the lights, and I think because it is damaged, they don't steal the lights because it is damaged already," one victim, Rubem Robierb tells WSVN. He was left with a $5,000 repair bill.

Miami Beach Police don't believe there's an active ring organizing the thefts, but rather that the lights are just a hot commodity for all sorts of thieves.

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