Do Not Set Up a Mini-Meth Lab in a Moving Car: Sad Lessons from Actual Floridians

When police found 36-year-old Clifford Ellison dead inside an overturned car in Lakeland, Florida, they at first assumed he had died in the accident. Turns out that wasn't the case. He actually died because the man in his passenger seat set off a mini-explosions while trying to mix meth in the moving vehicle.

Ellison's overturned vehicle and body were found Tuesday on Drane Field Road in Lakeland, and witnesses quickly informed police that something about the accident seemed strange, according to The Orlando Sentinel. Witness said there was "some sort of commotion" in the car, and they deduced that a second person had been in the car but fled after the crash.

Turns out that man was 26-year-old Jerek L. Evans. Police say he had been making "shake and bake" meth in the passenger seat. The quickie-method of making meth doesn't require the use of a source of heat or a full meth lab. All wannabe-Walter Whites need is the right chemicals and something to shake them up in.

Of course, those chemicals are still highly combustible, and the glass bottle Evan's was making his meth in exploded. Shards from the bottle shot into Ellison's neck. Police believe that is what killed him, not the car crash. An autopsy will be carried out today to confirm.

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