Carole Crist Privately Asked if Charlie Should Run for Governor As a Democrat

Florida's own Lady Macbeth, Carole Crist, apparently isn't a big fan of being just a simple trial lawyer's wife. She married a superstar politician after all, so maybe it's no surprise she's privately asking about the possibility of hubby Charlie Crist making a return to politics -- this time, however, as a Democrat.

Here's the bit of gossip from the Buzz:

While watching the Florida Gators game on Saturday from university President Bernie Machen's box, the state's former First Lady Carole Crist leaned over to state House Democratic Leader Ron Saunders and asked, "Do you think Charlie should run as a Democrat for governor?"

Saunders, who recalled the conversation, replied, "Might as well."

Crist, who served one term as a Republican governor before bolting from the party as an independent in a last-ditch effort to win the 2010 Senate race, really has little hope of returning to his former party. His only hope at returning to office anytime soon is a full-fledged party switch.

Saunders notes that a strong challenge in a Democratic primary could spell doom for Crist, though he is currently employed by megalawyer John Morgan, a man who could certainly infuse any campaign with major cash.

Though, the Buzz takes a little fun out of the gossip by adding that the exchange "was most likely fun political banter during a TV timeout." However, we don't think it's coincidence that Saunders took the story to the press. It wouldn't surprise us if a lot of Democratic leaders wanted to gauge the public reaction to the possibility of recruiting Crist to run against Rick Scott.

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