90-Year-Old Florida Man Survived Being Trapped in Car for Four Days By Eating Cake and Cookies

A 90-year-old Florida man survived on nothing but snacks while he was trapped in his car for four days.

Justyn Ambrozia of New Port Richey slipped and fell inside a grocery store last week, but instead of calling paramedics, the grocery store staff helped Ambrozia out to his car and sent him on his way. Ambrozia managed to drive home, but when he parked his car in his garage he realized he still wasn't able to properly walk. So he sat there trapped in his own garage for four days.

Ambrozia tried to honk and yell for help, but no one heard him. He was also unable to get the car out once he had backed it into the garage. Luckily he at least had his groceries in the car with him, and managed to survive the four days by eating the cake, cookies and ice cream cones he had purchased according to WTSP.

Finally after four days neighbors realized that "Scooter," a neighborhood dog, sensed something was up and rushed into the garage to find Ambrozia still trapped.

The neighbors called paramedics who were able to get Ambrozia out of the car. Turns out he had broken his hip during the grocery store slip and fall. He was taken to a nearby hospital to undergo surgery and is now recovering.

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