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Tupac's Sex Tape Features Unreleased Track Worth $1 Million

From the day TMZ revealed the existence of an amateur sex tape featuring West Coast gangsta rap martyr Tupac Shakur getting, ahem, polished in public, Crossfade has been obsessed with unmasking the pornographic video's anonymous owner.

We have a list of prime smutspects. And evidently, so does Makaveli's Mama, Afeni Shakur, who's a little perturbed that this X-Rated footage of her world famous son is making the rounds.

While some among our ranks would rather watch Gary Coleman do the nasty, we're all united by a shared passion for this clip of Tupac getting a blowjob at a party.

Not to mention, the tape finally gives us what we've all been waiting for (and no, not just a peek at Shakur's "digital underground"): brand, spankin' new music from Don Killuminati himself.

TMZ reports that the Shakur estate has become a little distracted from its initial mission (see: deducing the identity of, and then suing the shit out of, the Tape's Anonymous Owner, from hereon out referred to as TAO) by a buyer interested in purchasing the rights to the unreleased song Pac sings along with while makin' time.

Representatives for an anti-hangover drink called NOHO have offered $1 million for the track, even though they've never even heard it. They just know it exists and want to stamp their brand on what was seemingly the last bit of bootleg Makaveli left.

We say was because members of the Shakur estate have countered NOHO's offer by letting them know that if TAO isn't willing to give up the goods, they've got a whole vault filled with unreleased Pac.

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Matt Preira