Ten Dumbest Rap Dances Ever: From the "Lean Like a Cholo" to the "Stanky Leg"

Hip-hop is a rich and varied culture. It's more than just the music, encompassing street art, DJing, fashion, and most definitely dancing.

But this ain't the '90s, B. In recent years, the music has become mad ig'nant, and the b-boys have followed.

Almost every shitty new rap song comes with its own equally crappy dance craze.

It's kind of a sad affair. But at least we can laugh at these goofy-looking jabronis while they bust these dumbest of moves.

Swag Surf

What is this? You're swaggin'? You're surfin'? You're just doing the wave with your arms while bobbing back and forth. The only sweet move that this is missing is the nose hold. Hang ten, you goofy bastards.

Lean Like A Cholo

First of all, the blue-screen in this video is amazingly clean. Also, is this racist? And this is basically "The Rockaway," except you stick your chicken wings out and throw them 'bows. You could probably dance better if you didn't weigh a million pounds.

Booty Hopscotch

This one is especially dumb because hopscotch and double-dutch are two entirely different things. Although, we admit it's kind of cool to watch people jump while they twerk. Butts and stuff.

The Heizman

The group? 3rdFLO. The song? "Do The Heizman." The dance? Stupid as hell. But we guess it could be useful. Next time we're in the club and some scrub-ass creeper tries to get all grabby, you know what we're gonna do.


It's not just one-hit wonders who bring dumb dances to the floor. Remember this gem from Usher? Yeah, we don't either. Even the best dancer alive gets stupid sometimes. So don't feel bad, y'all.

Chicken Noodle Soup with a Soda on the Side

Not only is this a terrible thing to eat for dinner, it's the most ridiculous idea for a song-and-dance combo. But we understand, you just have to make do with what you've got. Well, that excuses the meal. There's no excuse for this dance.


Yo, this is some rare shit, bruh. It's not every day that you see something as stupid as Lil B and his cooking dance. It's serious business when you cook, though. You're trying to make the best meal. And this man was invited to speak at NYU.

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The Soulja Boy

There are few things in this world that are more annoying than the year Soulja Boy happened. This song was literally everywhere. And everyone thought they knew how to do this dance. But no one should've ever bothered.

The Stanky Leg

Wait ... So the leg smells bad? Is that why you've got to move away from it? It looks more like the leg is swerve or something. Not necessarily stanky. You just like saying that word, "stanky." Who doesn't, really?

The Berney

When it's the weekend, we move it like Berney. Hold ya head back like a nosebleed comin' through. Yep, this is a reference to 1988's most surreal comedy, Weekend at Bernie's. No, they didn't spell his name correctly. But yes, this is the dumbest dance ever.

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