Rick Ross Gets Death Threats from Gangster Disciples, Cancels MMG Tour Dates

The Bawse is wanted.

Just two days after a triumphant hometown throwdown at the Fillmore Miami Beach with his Maybach Music crew, Rick Ross has received death threats from a North Carolina chapter of the Gangster Disciples, a street gang founded on Chicago's South Side in the '60s by David Barksdale and Larry Hoover, who the rapper shouted out on his now-classic track, "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)."

According to the Charlotte Observer, the Disciples were pissed that Ross had "'dishonored' a gang leader," meaning Hoover, "and that he was using gang symbols in a disrespectful manner" on the cover of his Black Bar Mitzvah mixtape.

UPDATE Representatives of Maybach Music Group tell us that all concerts till December 16 have now been canceled.

UPDATE #2 Rick Ross on Gangster Disciples, canceled MMG Tour: "Never was it due to any threats."

UPDATE #3 Rick Ross told by Gangster Disciples in Chicago: "F#$% you ... Cut the check." And the Chi-Town po-po are investigating.

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Police planned to "remain vigilant to ensure safety at the event." But ultimately, superpromoter Live Nation simply decided to cancel the Bawse's MMG Tour stops in Charlotte and Greensboro.

In the above YouTube video by the Gangster Disciples, the message "RICK ROSS IN TROUBLE WITH THE GD'S ... NORTH CAROLINA" flashes across the screen several times while a spooky child's voice whispers, "Don't kill me."

A photo of Ross is shown to the sound of automatic gunfire, followed by another message: "WE STAND STRONG UPON OUR SIX POINT STANCE ... WE WILL NOT BE EXPLOITED IN ANY WAY SHAPE FORM OR FASHION."

"Officer Ricky," a masked Disciple says, "you already know we ain't gonna go through a long song and a dance. You already know we gave you a pass in using our honorable chairman's name in a disorderly fashion, a dishonorable fashion. We gave a pass ... You tryin' to play with our intelligence. But GDs ain't taking no losses."

Later, he adds: "We know where you gonna be at. So there ain't no way you can duck us ... We know you're gonna be in Greensboro. We know you gonna be in Charlotte. We gonna be there too."

"Backstage, we gonna talk about this Nation business. 'Cause GDs ain't takin' no short. And we everywhere. So there ain't no duckin' us. There ain't no gettin' around us. You're gonna have to sit down to the table and deal with us."

"You fucked up, thinkin' this show business. This ain't show business."

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