MillionYoung at the Vagabond April 13

Who's feeling overdue for some grown-and-sexy sonic romanticism? Well, wait no longer, lonely dance-floor hearts! MillionYoung will be at the Vagabond for an intimate performance this Friday. The South Florida native is sure to help you shake it down with his under-the-radar hooks and sentimental melodies, backed by the kind of drum-machine beats that made the '80s so lovable.

Growing up on a Coral Springs cul-de-sac not unlike every other one in the tri-county area, Mike Diaz cultivated a music alter ego he named MillionYoung. It all began as a personal project in his bedroom. But when he uploaded some songs to the Internet, catching the attention of music bloggers everywhere, Diaz's hobby got an upgrade. His first EP, Sunndreamm, was a big hit with the hipster crowd in 2010. Upbeat yet brokenhearted dance tracks such as "Youthless" and "Mien" made many listeners fall in love with the MillionYoung sound.

Since those early days, he has snagged a deal on Old Flame Records while also recruiting a full band to help him flesh out the pretty nuances. And together, Diaz and crew have put together a new collection of songs titled Replicants. These tunes give off a slightly beachier feel than the older stuff. But there's still that same lo-fi, nostalgic vibe.

Get out and support South Florida's favorite suburban-youth-turned-Internet-rock-star. It'll make you feel grown, sexy, and a little romantic.

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