Miley Cyrus Ass-Grabs "Big Booty Ho" for Her Birthday

What'd y'all do on your 20th birthday?

If it was anything like ours, you spent 45 minutes waiting for a table at some generic hibachi restaurant, and the three days thereafter puking up shellfish.

If you're B-list pop royalty, however, you spent the big two-oh mean muggin' and feelin' on some booty.

Coincidently, Miley Cyrus celebrated her 20th birthday with a wild "Party in the U.S.A.," complete with a "big booty hoe [sic]" and a TMZ photo to prove it.

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Rocking polka-dot pants and owning a Skrillex-like short-hair-don't-care attitude, Cyrus said goodbye to her teenage years by bear-clawing a stripper's naked ass cheek.

TMZ reports that some of Cyrus's besties surprised the VH1 Diva with a "few strippers," fulfilling the entertainer's biggest b-day wish.

Cyrus clearly "Can't be Tamed." And we like it.

Happy belated, Miley.

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