Miami Music's Craziest Moments of 2015

Maybe it's the heat, or the traffic. The perhaps easily available flakka probably doesn't help either. But Miami has always been a magnet for insanity. So why should we expect any less from Miami's music world?

2015 is officially in the past, but before we leave it there completely, it's time for one more yearly roundup of all the moments in Miami music that made us laugh, cry, or both. These were the nine craziest Miami music moments of 2015.

That hugh #marcanthony #hillaryclinton

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9. Hillary Clinton and Marc Anthony have an awkward moment.
Music and politics have always mingled. Run the Jewels and the Red hot Chili Peppers have already thrown their support behind Bernie Sanders, and Ted Nugent and Gene Simmons have embraced Donald Trump. But it's been hard for Hillary Clinton to find any love from the music world. That is, until this past October, when Marc Anthony brought the former first lady onstage at his concert at American Airlines Arena and declared her "Salsera de corazon!" It was a little cringeworthy, and their hug lasted three seconds too long. 

8. Justin Bieber accused of lip-syncing at Ultra.
Justin Bieber's PR makeover, the one that's currently transforming him into an artist adults don't have to be embarrassed to admit liking, went into full effect in 2015. There was one major slip-up, though. He made a surprise appearance at Ultra this past March. He jumped onstage unannounced during Skrillex's set. And at one point, he dropped the mic while his vocals continued without him. 
7. Grand Central closes.
It was the toughest closure of the year. After five years of bringing great acts to Miami, Grand Central closed its doors for a final time this past September, leaving a huge void in Miami for national, international, and local acts with enough of a following to pack a large room but not yet able to take over the Fillmore.

6. Lil Wayne has a $30 million art collection?
After Lil Wayne didn't pay $2 million he owed for a leased private jet, a judge ordered the raiding of his Miami Beach mansion and confiscated what TMZ reported to be $30 million worth of art. Basically, it was a legal robbery. But that's why you pay your bills. This was also not the first time Miami Beach Police stormed the Wayne mansion. In March of this year, the rapper was "swatted," when someone reported a false report of a shooting at his home. 

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