Four People Reported Shot at Lil Wayne's Miami Beach Mansion, Police Say "Swatting"
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Four People Reported Shot at Lil Wayne's Miami Beach Mansion, Police Say "Swatting"

Cops have swarmed Lil Wayne's Miami Beach mansion.

Around 12:45 this afternoon, police received a phone call reporting a multiple shooting at the rapper's 94 Lagorce Circle residence.

According to the caller, four people were wounded. A perimeter has been set outside the mansion, and the authorities have brought in a SWAT team.

However, Young Money Entertainment confirms via Twitter that "Wayne is okay. Wasn't home during alleged events."

UPDATE: @MiamiBeachPD has just tweeted, "This appears to be a 'Swatting' call. No victims /no injuries /no subject at 94 LaGorce."

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Lil Wayne's mansion at 94 La Gorce Circle.
Lil Wayne's mansion at 94 La Gorce Circle.

As police sped to the scene, @MiamiBeachPD tweeted that "'Swatting' is a possibility but MBPD does not take chances when responding to these types of calls."

At the mansion, officers and SWAT found no gunshot victims or any sign of a shooting. So about a half-hour after arriving, the cops were already "breaking down the perimeter" and declaring that "in this case it appears to have be a hoax @ #LiLWaynes home."

This swatting follows another strange recent episode at the rapper's residence.

A couple of weeks ago, a trespasser was confronted by Miami Beach Police at 3 a.m. on Saturday, February 28, as he wandered around the property at 94 Lagorce Circle, insisting Lil Wayne had invited him for a visit.

However, much like today's fake shooting, the rapper wasn't even home. And the incident ended up being a nonincident.

As the Weezy himself just said:

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