​Whenever Kat Stacks releases a new video, it's like day-job Christmas. Last week we brought you up to date on the latest in the Internet-famous hip-hop escort's saga, in which she was attacked in public by two men who tried to force an apology from her on Bow Wow's behalf. On Twitter, she alleged that one of the attackers was aspiring rapper Lil B, a close associate of Bow Wow who was also seen around Miami this past Memorial Day weekend. 

Kat Stacks Releases New Video, Calls Out Bow Wow, Lil B, Natalie Nunn (?)

Anyways, to get back at him, Kat did what she does best. She made a video for WorldStarHipHop, describing the attack, providing convenient photos of the attackers and insulting them in very choice terms. Among the most OMG-worthy lines of the video:

"I guess Bart got pissed because I sucked off Bow Wow better than he do."

"This face right here is worth wayyyy too much to get it fucked up!"

"My voice is squeaky, I sound like Elmo! Motherfucker, you sound worse than me!"

"How are you a rapper, but ain't nobody recognize you at the Hard Rock?"

Check out the video after the jump.

Natalie Nunn just seems to be thrown into the mix at the end for fun at the end because 

she and Stacks have been Twitter beefing for a while

. (Following ridiculous Twitter beef: The new way to get through a boring cubicle day.) If you don't know who that is, pat yourself on the back for having a life. Nunn's claim to infamy is for "running L.A." on an old season of Oxygen's 

Bad Girls Club


Also, it looks like Kat Stacks finally has a web site up and running, at katstacks.com again ... but just with a place-holder splash page up for now. We can't wait to see what new scandalousness the full site will bring. 

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