Justin Bieber Taking Teen Model to Miami Senior High School's Prom?

We could hardly belieb our eyes. Could it be true? Has the world's most popular singer-dancer-badboy been approved to attend the prom festivities at Miami Senior High School?

Is some lucky girl (and teen model) from Little Havana named Yovanna Ventura actually dating the Biebz? Are they so super-cereal that he would escort her to a Great Gatsby-themed celebration?

We called the school in question and spoke with a clerk to get the real skinny.

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"My principal just told me that we can't give you an answer if he has been approved or denied, because he hasn't actually confirmed that he wants to go," says Miami Senior High clerk Ana Jimenez. "Until we get confirmation that he wants to go, we can't give him an answer or give anyone else an answer."

We asked if it was true that someone had applied for his approval, and things looked even less hopeful.

"No, it's just a rumor going around," she explains. "It's all verbal."

Well, poop! We were kind of hoping something so surreal could still happen in this world of broken dreams. We can, however, confirm that the 18-year-old Ms. YoVentura posts pictures of herself with the pop star, and that she has ridiculously well-formed abs for being barely an adult.

But will Justin show the slightest interest in accompanying her to the Roaring '20s-style extravaganza before it's too late? Will parents everywhere scoff at such a proposition, just to drop their kids off with the hardy warning, "Don't forget to get a picture, because it could be worth money"? Is Ventura really dating Justin Bieber or is she just overly excited about the prospect of a real modeling career in lieu of college?

We here at Crossfade have contacted Yovanna for all the answers.

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