Introducing The Cost! The Guys Talk Jacuzzi Boys, Smokin', and Groovin' 9-to-5

The Cost is one of those bands that you might hear amid, like, a dozen others and think, "These guys ... Maybe they get it."

This is a band of babies. Each member is under the age of 23. They haven't released any music. They've only recorded a few tracks and a demo CD. So if you wanna hear them offstage, you're going to have to fart around on YouTube to get a taste of The Cost's punchy dark garage.

This Saturday, these guys are performing at Churchill's Pub with the Jacuzzi Boys, Holly Hunt, and Honey Train. And since it's a show that nobody who's somebody in Miami is gonna miss, Crossfade thought we'd sit down and introduce you to the boys of The Cost, one by one, and then chat a little.

Meet the Band!

Manny Roman

-Lead guitar/vocals

-Works and studies

-Colombian; Born in New Jersey, raised in Miami

-Heavy Cure fan, likes post-punk, grunge, anything that's good and catchy

Nathan Molina


-Lives behind a dog store

-Works at Animal Crackers

-Does photography

-Born in California, raised in Miami

Danny Calle


-Colombian, born and raised

-Fixes airplane parts

-Listens to grunge and rock

Julian Navarrete


-Doesn't work

-Likes The Ramones and '70s pop punk

-From Kendall. He says, "104 till I die."

Let's Talk!

Crossfade: Where'd you guys meet?

Danny: We first started as a three-piece. We met in school and this guy [Julian] came up, and we became a four-piece.

Nathan: Like two weeks ago.

Julian: Like two months ago. I think I offered Nate a few bumps and since then it's been... That's pretty much how it started. We started partying together and then they called me up.

Who's your audience? Who listens to you guys?

Manny: At this point, we don't really know. But anyone that likes catchy music.

Where do you most like playing?

All: Churchill's.

How do feel about the Miami music scene?

Nathan: Shit's shitty.

Julian: I think as far as bands go, Jacuzzi Boys are helping a lot. They bring a lot of attention to Miami.

Let's say you put out an album making the music you make now. What do you think people would be doing at home while listening to it?

Nathan: Smoking.

Danny: Trying to dance wherever they're at. Groove to it.

Julian: Yeah, there's some dancey shit.

What's the point of being in this band?

Danny: It's the only thing we have.

That's so depressing.

Manny: That's what we enjoy doing. We don't want to do anything else, like a 9-to-5. Fuck that.

Your plan is to make it big?

Manny: Pretty much.

Danny: Nobody's going to make a band without trying to get somewhere.

Manny: Except for some old dudes. Maybe I'll be one of those old dudes one day.

Check 'em out while they're still young! The Cost as part of Jacuzzi Boys' Homecoming Show with Holly Hunt and Honey Train. Saturday, November 26. Churchill's Pub, 5501 NE Second Ave., Miami. The show starts at 9 p.m. Call 305-757-1807 or visit churchillspub.com.

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