Gunplay Could Face Life in Prison

Is Gunplay guilty of pulling a gun, just to jack a cell phone and chain from a Tax Place employee? Is this how Don Logan goes down? Is this the end of the Human L.A. Riot?

On Wednesday afternoon, Mr. Play (born Richard Morales Jr.) surrendered to Miami police on an armed robbery charge. And during a phone conversation with Crossfade, the Maybach Music Group member's lawyer -- Michael Grieco -- insisted that "the case ... is very defensible."

But ... What about the security camera video footage (dated 4/13/2012 11:18:21) from the Miami-Dade State Attorney's Office, which clearly depicts the defendant pistol-whipping some dude behind a desk?

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Broadcast on CBS4, this clip seems to bolster the accusations against Gunplay. Or at least the secondary charge of aggravated assault with a firearm.

According to the arrest warrant, Gunplay, 33, and an accomplice named Randy Jones, 26, went to The Tax Place at 14628 NW Seventh Avenue to confront an employee, Turon Woodside.

Recognizing Jones, an acquaintance, Woodside allowed the man to enter his place of business. Then Gunplay, also an acquaintance, entered with a pistol pulled, telling Woodside to hand over his gold chain.

The alleged victim obliged, giving up the jewelry. And at that point, Gunplay apparently grabbed a cell phone off the desk too.

Then Jones and the rapper left the scene in a black Chevy Suburban, only for Gunplay to reportedly return to The Tax Place, shove a gun in Woodside's face, and curse him out.

So, while the MMG mike mangler's lawyer remains confident that they can disprove the accusations, Grieco also admits that Gunplay could face life in prison if he's convicted.

"My gut tells me he's going to be exonerated," the attorney's told Hip Hop DX.

But he ain't exactly screaming: Free Gunplay!

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