Drug Dealer Rick Ross Finally Files Official Lawsuit Against Rapper Rick Ross; Will Jay-Z Have to Testify?

We reported last month that California ex-drug kingpin Ricky "Freeway" Ross was suing Miami rapper Rick Ross, for, basically, creating brand confusion and preventing Freeway from profiting off his own name and image. (Only in America!) Dealer Rick Ross is recently out of prison, and, one assumes, looking to make a (semi-) honest buck -- and he doesn't like that rapper Rick Ross' own new product, Teflon Don, is about to drop.

So this past Friday, June 18, Freeway, through lawyer Melvin Sharpe Jr., finally got around to filing the legal paperwork: a trademark lawsuit. Allhiphop.com was the first on the case yesterday with the court papers, which thicken the plot. Turns out our own Rick Ross isn't the only entity named by the suit -- also targeted are his own label, Maybach Music, as well as UMG Recordings, Slip N Slide Records, and ... Jay-Z.

Turns out the mogul may have to appear in court to deal with this mess, as Judge Percy Anderson has issued him a summons that may require him to testify. Freeway's lawyer is alleging he's also partially responsible for the trademark infringement, since he allowed rapper Rick Ross to sign under that artistic name to Def Jam in 2006, while Jay-Z was head of that label.

UPDATE: Click here to read the top 10 craziest excerpts from the lawsuit complaint, and check out the full court documents. 

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