Died in a Plane Crash Last Night at Churchill's

I had this epiphany last night, while I was sitting at the Churchill's bar sipping my third Jack and Coke: Every single bar in Miami (and possibly the whole country) has at least one TV set tuned to ESPN at all times. I went outside and saw Penny talking to a police officer. She was drinking a beer and carrying a huge lighter. Penny has been hanging out in the Churchill's parking lot for at least 10 years.

The cop car drove away and Penny said, "The cops around here are so sweet. They play guitar in a band just like you." She lit a Newport and continued, "Theres/ good cops and bad cops, you know? Those guys are good." I went back inside, as it was time for my band, Died in a Plane Crash, to perform.

As I plugged the cables into the amplifiers, I felt good. I love making music. Blinded by flashing lights, I watched Arquimedes bang on the drums as I tweaked the distortion and delay effects. I felt like I had just won the Super Bowl as we sludged through our 15-minute set. A few noteworthy locals like AHOLSNIFFSGLUE and Rat Bastard stopped by to see us. Sometimes, when there are just a few people in the audience, it is better. Died in a Plane Crash would like to thank Dave Daniels of Churchill's Pub for keeping great music alive since 1979.


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Jason Handelsman