In May 2006, distinctive West Coast producer Daedelus served another brilliant dish of organic and electronic intricacies called Denies the Days Demise. On the brief Throw a Fit EP, Daedelus offers more vocals than he did on Denies, and although the emphasis on bossa nova percussion isn't as evident here, Throw a Fit remains consistent with the artist's jarring patchwork methodology. "Unadventurer" features verses from the off-kilter MC Subtitle. The track would have been better left off the release, because Subtitle's appearance is for the diehard fan of Busdriver-esque abstract flow, and wholly distracts from another stuttering, stitched-up composition à la Exquisite Corpse. In humble Daedelus fashion, "Remix of Nothing" is quite the contrary; it's an engaging somersault through several tempos, rather humorous choruses, and an amply colorful wash of Eastern, synth-pop, and hippie drum circle influences. Rarely has Daedelus disappointed, but an EP just might, only because it's over before we can actually throw a fit about it. — Dominic Umile

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Dominic Umile