Club Mekka Welcomes Technosluts and Combichrist to Miami on July 3

The crowd at the recurring Technosluts parties across South Florida is pretty much unlike any other. Think a colorful Venn diagram meeting of that rarified overlap between candy ravers, cyber goths, bass-heads, and fetish enthusiasts, and you'll get the vinyl and hair-fall-filled picture. For the past four years, this loose artistic collective has been mounting music events that upend the often-staid nature of the electronic music scene, pushing more extreme sounds from the electro universe (and even re-examining forgotten sounds like breakbeats).

Aside from some bigger WMC events, group has largely thrown its parties around Fort Lauderdale (mainly at Voodoo Lounge). But for its four-year blowout anniversary installment on July 3 it's hitting Club Mekka in the heart of downtown Miami, for a show that marries the local and international.

Representing the 305 is scene-crossover favorite Otto von Schirach, who's slated to appear, as almost always, with cohort Peasants With Feathers. The biggest name performing that night, though, is Combichrist, the project of Norway-born Andy LaPlegua (also known for forming Icon of Coil). The act specializes in punishing BPMs and volume, and intentionally provocative, sometimes scary lyrics, but it's certainly never boring.

"This Shit Will Fuck You Up" was a relative hit on the industrial/EBM scene's club circuit a few years back, but a personal Crossfade favorite is "God Warrior." (Reality TV addicts will recognize the sample as the voice of Marguerite Perrin, the star of the infamous "God Warrior" episode of Trading Spouses.)

A million other DJ sets are planned, as well as a fetish performance by Rubber Doll and even a play piercing show, for those that get off on getting poked with sharp objects.

Check out Combichrist's "God Warrior" track below.

Technosluts Four-Year Anniversary. With Combichrist, Otto von Shirach, and others. 10 p.m. Saturday, July 3. Mekka, 950 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $25 in advance from; age 18 and up. 305-371-3773;

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Arielle Castillo
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