Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston Says "Obama's a Socialist Asshole ... You're Fucked"

Don't be fooled by his laid-back California surfin' schtick or occasional impersonation of a "racially ambiguous homeboy" ... The Beach Boys' Bruce Johnston isn't some hippie in love with the Democratic party and Obama.

In fact, he thinks our nation's first black president is "an asshole" who's planning to bankrupt America, make the whole country "socialized," and sleep through his second term as POTUS.

In a video posted to TMZ today, the anti-Obama Beach Boy tells a group of fans that they shouldn't vote for the incumbent prez "unless you're interested in never having any money."

That said, Brucey admits that Mitt Romney's a useless sphincter too. "And who's the Republican asshole? Our guy isn't any good. He isn't going to win ... You got Reagan and Tip O'Neill. Those are the last two good guys."

And so ... The official Beach Boy projection: An Obama win. But just "wait till [he] doesn't have to try anymore ... You're fucked. Trust me."

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