Suite living room at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.
Suite living room at the Ritz-Carlton South Beach.
Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

Ritz-Carlton South Beach Reopens After Extensive Renovations

After a multiyear renovation, the Ritz-Carlton South Beach is ready to commence the 2020s with a new era of breathtaking extravagance. Today, January 27, marks the reopening of the lavish oceanside resort, and guests will soon be able to peek at its redesign, which merges modern sensibilities with a distinctly Miami aesthetic.

The remodel of the 376 guest rooms and suites were designed with the city and its history in mind; the goal was to make guests feel immersed in Miami through overt and subtle flourishes.

"Extensive research was conducted into the history of Miami and the many facets of the city that make it so special," hotel general manager Sase Gjorsovski says. "It felt natural that the new decor would reflect the exquisite beauty of the destination."

The rooms are decorated in a color palette that mirrors a perfect Miami sunset. The dark wood furniture resembles the city's famous cafecito and cigars, and the Herringbone floor, echoing the beach's sand, contrasts with the navy-blue and orange touches that mirror the ocean and sun.

Designed by Cristian Rubio of Hirsch Bedner Associates (HBA), the hotel guest rooms were remodeled through the lens of Miami's paradisiacal imagery.

Places to mingle include the lobby and new restaurants, which were designed by Meg Sharpe. The lobby remains humble to its original design but now boasts the Lapidus Bar, a cocktail lounge to catch live music performances and sip libations named for the architect of the original 1953 hotel, Morris Lapidus.

Ritz-Carlton South Beach Reopens After Extensive Renovations
Courtesy of the Ritz-Carlton South Beach

The improvements also include a new restaurant, Fuego y Mar, where guests can lounge on a mezzanine and order coffee or cocktails infused with tangy Latin American flavors.

If you're checking in for a relaxing night and don't want to hear your neighbor blasting "Otra Noche en Miami," the hotel boasts an enhanced soundproofing system between rooms.

The renovation also offers guests the only Timeless Capsule spa treatment in the United States.

The beachfront restaurant the DiLido Beach Club serves a menu of Mediterranean dishes and fresh seafood that complements the idyllic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

"The cutting-edge cocktail menu," Gjorsovski says, "will incorporate a multitude of house-made ingredients, such as soda water made to order, a sangria base comprised of house-made Bordeaux nectar, and fresh juices featuring coconut and guava.”

The hotel also offers culinary delights such as empanadas and waffle pastelitos in the revamped club lounge.

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