Lola Sinreich and Win McCarthy Host an Art Show About Frames

Remember that Urbania Fine Art Frames store at 11 NE 39th St. in the Design District? Probably not, but you will soon. In a bit of clever re-appropriation, a group of Miami artists has taken over the vacated space and turned it into a venue for an ad hoc show opening this Saturday. Called "Cutting Edge Framing," the exhibit takes on the supposedly minor tasks associated with mounting and exhibiting art work: hanging, framing, pedestaling, etc., using the space's former identity as a critical subtext for the work.

The curators are Lola Sinreich and Win McCarthy, and the list of participating artists includes folks you know and love: Harry Crofton, Jim Drain, Richard Haden, Charles Harlan, Zak Kitnik, Erik Lindman, Samara Golden, Jamie Isenstein, Win McCarthy, Martin Oppel, Anna Rosen, Carson Salter, Paul Salveson, Sydney Schrader, John Seal, Robert Snowden, Ryan Trecartin, Joe Verril, and Addison Walz, as well as a featured performance by Frankie America.

We also recommend checking out the afterparty at that kick-ass exhibition space-slash-dating service, Terri and Donna's (153 NW 36th St., Miami).

"Cutting Edge Framing," 11 NE 39th St., Saturday, October 10, 2009, 6-9 p.m.

We'll do an extensive Second Saturday roundup this Friday, so stay tuned.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.