But First, Let Me Take a Selfie: Gymage, an Instagram-Friendly Gym, Opens in Miami Beach

Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify await on Gymage's exercise machines — oh, you can work out on them too.
Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify await on Gymage's exercise machines — oh, you can work out on them too. Photo courtesy of Gymage
There is now a gym where it’s not only acceptable but encouraged to take your 7,000 sweaty-ass selfies.

Laughing in the face of gyms that ask you to put your damn phone down while working out, Gymage — a portmanteau of the words gym and image — has opened in Miami Beach.

Billing itself as “Miami’s newest Instagrammable gym” for the “social-fitness lifestyle,” the futuristic spot very much has a vibe.

Selfie sticks, ring lights, and tripods abound. Ultramodern design elements swirl about the ceiling. Plants pop up here and there. And the lighting is primed. (No filters needed here, people.)

Gymage is the brainchild of Carlos Enguídanos, a Madrid-bred entrepreneur who dreamed up the concept while in school in Spain. He has since brought to life a Madrid Gymage, which has proven to be a hot spot for celebrity sightings, including global soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Miami location is Gymage’s second. Construction began in 2018, and it officially opened inside Bhojwani Tower on Lincoln Road in May. Today, Enguídanos says, Gymage has approximately 500 members and is quickly growing.

“For us, it is very important to let the image speak for itself here,” he tells New Times. “We want people here that have a very cool energy and very cool image. We are also like a family. We like to help everyone, and everyone is welcome.”

Beyond the glam, Gymage is furnished with equipment that novices and pros alike will appreciate. It's brimming with the latest models of LifeFitness cardio rigs and Hammer Strength plate-loaded equipment.

“If you want to watch Netflix or YouTube or if you want to listen to Spotify, you can do it on our machines while you are working out,” Enguídanos says. “We have the best equipment, trainers, and classes here.”

Memberships are going for $109 per month but will soon increase to $124 per month, according to Enguídanos. One-day, one-week, and two-week passes and a flexible travel membership — for those in and out of Miami often — are also available.

The next phase of Gymage's Miami Beach outpost will see the opening of a rooftop lounge/restaurant by 2022.

“The magic of Gymage is you can have your own lifestyle,” Enguídanos promises. “Maybe you don’t want to go to the gym but want to have dinner? Maybe you want to have a cocktail or nonalcoholic cocktail after working out? You can choose your own lifestyle here.”

Gymage. 355 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach; 786-558-5166;
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