Don't Be A Drag, Just Hangout With Them at the Palace in South Beach

There are a few things we love about South Beach: they don't take that "open container" law too seriously, you're guaranteed to see a hot body or twelve, and the amazing bars that inhabit the area. There are VIP spots like The Florida Room at the Delano, and then you have local dive bars like The Deuce and our personal favorite the Palace.

Never heard of it? Then you're probably straight. But if you've ever been

to South Beach there is a good chance you have walked by it. In the

heart of SoBe at 12th and Ocean, their staff is hard not to notice,

because all the waiters are hot bodied men in tight tank ups. But good

news for the lesbian community: they recently hired one hot little mama

that resembles Dani from A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.  And from what we hear, the actual Dani goes there pretty frequently, so try your best not get confused.

The Palace is like a night out with a great best friend: it's almost impossible not to have a good time.  Here's why: their drinks are delicious, the food is actually worth trying, the music is definitely booty-shaking worthy, and, most importantly, daily drag shows. Oh yeah kids, they have amazing drag queens. And these "ladies" take their jobs seriously. Any day of the week you go, your sure to see at least one dude that looks like a lady and if you're a girl, well, get ready to think, "Wow, that guy is prettier than I am." They're constantly changing up their routines. One thing we can promise, you'll never be bored.

So, if you're looking to go out and "not be a drag, but be a queen," know that whenever you head to Palace it will probably be packed and you're sure to have a ridiculous experience. Different days mean different themes, so we'll break down their schedule for you. Note: there won't be a better day to go over there than tomorrow's Miami Pride Parade.

Tuesday Night: Frozen Sensation
When you live in a place where summer weather starts in March, you need something to cool you down. And is there a better way to do that then with a cold, refreshing alcoholic beverage? Tuesdays at Palace, you can enjoy yourself one of their amazing frozen drinks all day long for $8, or pitchers for $30. That's what they call a bargain in South Beach.

Friday: Sunset Dragness
Going out on a Friday night after work is hard to do, but we promise at Palace, it's worth it. The night begins at 6 p.m., but it's Miami, so you know these ladies are always running late. When they do finally come on, it's like watching RuPaul's Drag Race, but better. If you're looking for that perfect place to pregame before you really head out on the town, this is it.

Sunday: Brunchic with Noel Leon
This is absolutely our favorite day at Palace. Where do we start? First, it's $31.95 for unlimited mimosas or Absolut bloody marys and a prix fixed menu of about five items. What we've come to learn is all you have to do is ask your waiter for just about anything on the menu and they'll hook you up with that price. Second, the host is Noel Leon, the best of the best of SoBe drag queens. She hosts the Sunday soiree better than anyone we have ever seen. Ms. Leon and all the ladies she brings with her on Sunday mornings kill it on the dance floor, aka the sidewalk. With two different seatings, at 11:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., the show is the perfect set up for boozehounds everywhere. Have some tourists looking to see the real SoBe? Sunday at Palace is the place to do it. They get to see historic Ocean Drive, brunch, and a show. What more could you ask for?

Tips for a good time at The Palace:
-Make a reservation
-Ask for a table on the street
-Bring dollar bills to tip the drag queens
-Be nice to your waiter (That should always be the rule, but here, being nice gets you really far.) If you take care of them, they will make sure your bartender takes care of if you. Catch our drift?

Palace Bar and Restaurant (1200 Ocean Dr., Miami Beach) is open daily. Visit palacesouthbeac.com for more info.

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