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Best of Miami 2016 Preview: Best TV Show Filmed Locally

Every year, New Times spends countless hours treading all sorts of paths to find the best our city has to offer. We've narrowed down Miami's noteworthiest places, people, and things, from hidden gems in strip malls to glowing establishments in plain sight.

The 29th edition of our annual Best of Miami issue hits newsstands Thursday, June 16. In this edition, our staff has chosen more than 400 winners, from the finest restaurants to the most notable new bars and clubs around the Magic City. We'll also reveal the winners of our Readers' Poll, where thousands of votes were cast for Miami's favorite spots.

But before the full list is released, here's a preview of one of our choices. 

Best TV Show Filmed Locally 
Netflix's Bloodline 

Merriam-Webster defines the word "bloodline" as "a sequence of direct ancestors especially in a pedigree." But for fans of the Netflix series Bloodline, that word means something slightly different. The show follows the Rayburns, a working-class family in the Keys with plenty of secrets. The series is best described as a cinematic roller coaster. It ticks, ticks, ticks you up gently — getting your adrenaline rushing — and just when you think it's safe to breathe, here comes the plunge. Aside from the episodic thrills, the best part about this series is that it's filmed locally. Three cheers for those Florida film incentives. The shots of rustling trees and sandy beaches are enough to make you want to spend a weekend in the Keys with the Rayburns. The first season was uploaded onto the streaming platform in spring 2015, and Season 2 became available this past May. Although it might be too soon to judge if Netflix will produce a third season of the drama, fans are hopeful.

Best of Miami 2016
A full list of the 2016 winners will be announced on Tuesday, June 14, and the complete issue will be available on newsstands Thursday, June 16. Celebrate with us at the Best of Miami Launch Party at the Rusty Pelican on Thursday, June 16. Tickets cost $45. Visit
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