Bad Girls Club Miami's Erica Lynne Back to the Beach for Exxxotica

It's been more than five months since Cultist sullied its web pages with mention of Bad Girls Club Miami. Yeah, that's long enough. Time to bring the hoochies back. But before you commit virtual suicide and fling your laptop into the Atlantic, relax, we're not talking about another reunion. It's just one girl, Erica, and she's just coming for one event (that we know of), Exxxxotica Miami Beach.

Turns out Erica (we're not exactly sure what her last name is since it is listed as Egums, Langston, and most recently Lynne on her website),  who's claim to fame on the show was basically that she made out with more popular Kristen, has been busy since the show ran its course. Read on to see what this little vixen has been up to.

Known on the show as the rough-edged cheerleader who loved tattoos,

Erica's been making up for playing second fiddle to Kristen and Lea by

using sex to garner attention. How original. She might be off the boob

tube but that doesn't mean she put her own boobs to good use. She's

admitted to filming a sex tape with another Bad Girl cast member and a

third person. She shopped the tape around and eventually found a bidder, Vivid Video. The video is being released next month.

So what do you when you're porn debut is set to hit the shelves. That's right, you hit the Exxxxotica circuit. Erica will be appearing with Vivid Video at the conference which seems to

indicate that she's well on her way to making the transition from

reality tv to porn. Good for her. All along on the show she said she

loved sex. Might as well do what you love.

Miami Beach Exxxotica 2011 runs May 20, 4 pm - 11 pm; May 21, 12 pm - 11 pm; May 22, 12 pm - 7 pm; at the Miami Beach Convention Center. Tickets cost: $25 - $70. For more information visit www.eXXXoticaExpo.com.

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