Natasha Bedingfield

Natasha Bedingfield, sister of Brit pop star Daniel Bedingfield, has already gone triple platinum in the UK with this set of sunny self-empowerment anthems, and no wonder: In an era when an album can move a million units on the strength of only one song, Unwritten delivers virtually an entire disc's worth of impossibly catchy numbers. If first single "These Words" doesn't have Kelly Clarkson fans questioning their allegiance to the American Idol, then the sing-along title tune will complete the conversion. Bedingfield falters only when she adopts a hip-hop posture (she should save the "Aw, yeah!" bit for guest rapper Estelle). And though the lyrics can get soggy (the overwrought "I Bruise Easily"), she scores points for aiming for the charts without leading with her booty.


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