Watch Chris Bosh and Sam Calagione Make Beer in a Limo

Chris Bosh is a man of many talents.

Now, not only is the Miami Heat forward/center a superstar on the courts, but also he's an avid homebrewer with an all-grain-brewing system at his Los Angeles home and a smaller extract brewing system at his house in Miami. 

Bosh recently collaborated with Dogfish Head Brewery founder Sam Calagione on a barbecue-smoked stout for Calagione's new web series, That's Odd, Let's Drink It, which follows the beer guru as he talks beer and and makes beer with celebrities such as chef Mario Batali and rapper Mac Miller.

This particular episode features Bosh and Calagione making a test batch of the beer — in a limousine.

Bosh and Calagione ride around Los Angeles in a white stretch Hummer outfitted with a PicoBrew Zymatic homebrewing system. They share a few Funky Buddha Imperial Stouts while talking shop. 

The pair makes a stop at Bludso's BBQ, where they have a bite and a pint before grabbing some seasonings for their beer. The beer-making duo then adds the spices — cayenne, turmeric, cinnamon, and a special allspice blend — to the wort. Before taste-testing their creation, there's a moment of hesitation — did they go too far in their barbecue-beer experiment?

"This is the best-tasting wort I've ever tasted!" exclaims Bosh, clearly pleased with the result. 

There's one thing left to do before actually brewing up the beer at Dogfish Head Brewery: Name the beer. Without hesitation, Bosh knows the most excellent moniker for this new beer. "It's my grandfather's name and who I named my son after — Daddy Jack. It just sounds like an old-school guy."

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