MDoughW's latest collaboration is with Versailles.EXPAND
MDoughW's latest collaboration is with Versailles.
Courtesy of MDoughW

MDoughW and Versailles Guava Pastelito Doughie Collab Available on UberEats

In March, Miami-based dessert business MdoughW debuted on UberEats. About a minute later, the food delivery app crashed thanks to a record number of orders for the sticky doughie, a collaboration between MDoughW and Knaus Berry Farm that wrapped cinnamon-sugar-infused cookie dough around half a Knaus cinnamon roll.

This week, get your phones ready, because owner Margo Wolfe has another indulgent Miami-style collaboration planned.

Through a partnership with the Magic City's king of Cuban fare — Versailles — Wolfe created a guava and cheese pastelito doughie, which stuffs the Versailles pastry inside thick sugar cookie dough and then dips it into crisp pastelito flakes. The concoction will be available exclusively on UberEats this Wednesday, March 22, and Thursday, March 23.

"I really didn't think I'd be able to land Versailles because they're so legendary and such a household name," she says. "They don't need to collaborate with anyone. But I knew I needed to try, because what better way to define Miami than with Versailles?"

As with MDoughW's sticky doughie, Wolfe expects hundreds of orders for the pastelito doughie. But this time, she hopes the app doesn't malfunction.

"The sticky doughie literally crashed the entire UberEats system," she says. "The Uber team had to manually call out orders because of the number of people who tried to order. It was beyond anything I had ever seen before."

Known for freshly baked cookie cups and a popular Instagram feed, MDoughW is available Wednesday and Thursday on UberEats from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. or until the treats sell out. This week only, the guava and cheese pastelito doughie will be available, along with a selection of year-round items such as chocolate-chunk dough stuffed with a brownie, Funfetti cookies and cream, and rainbow cake. Prices range from $16 to $32 depending upon quantity.

Though it might seem difficult to top a guava pastelito doughie, Wolfe plans to do other Miami-style collaborations, but she's keeping details under wraps for now.

For more information, visit mdoughw.com.

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