Top Ten Celebs Who Should Endorse a Miami Chain Restaurant

Hey, local chains, time to get brand smart. Miami celebs, time to get hip to your local chain restaurants. Mr. 305 himself is doing it. Last week Miami Subs partnered with Miami artist Pitbull in a big push to expand the chain.

We know of a few more local chains that could use some famous endorsements and/or brand "refurbishment." Celebs, how about giving some of them a boost with a little star power?

Many actors got their start in cheesy TV commercials, so we don't think that revisiting an early career move should be too difficult for these folks. It's high time to show a little love to some Miami businesses.

10. Jeancarlos Canela and La Carreta
If you're truly a Miamian, you would know who this guy is. For those who don't, Jeancarlos Canela is a Miami-born telenovela star. No stranger to endorsements, he was chosen by Ford for some of its commercials.

9. Chicken Kitchen and Paul Donald Wight Jr., AKA the Big Show 
Don't mess with a man and his appetite, or at least with Paul Wight at Chicken Kitchen. Hey, that could be a slogan or something. Imagine all the chicken they'd have to give this guy for an endorsement deal.

8. Pollo Tropical and Enrique Iglesias
A product endorsement from Mr. Iglesias would make eating Pollo Tropical sexier than being spotted at the Fontainebleau.

7. Don Pan International Bakery and Shakira
Such beauty! Where's the sex appeal in this one? With Shakira, Don Pan should be Miami's version of Starbucks. Market saturation, anyone?

6. Lime Fresh Mexican Grill and Oprah
A billionaire such as Oprah Winfrey is probably capable of owning a different piece of prime real estate for each day of the year, but occasionally she comes to check on her Miami residence on Fisher Island. We're hoping Oprah has eaten at Lime at least once, but if not, maybe it's time to give it a try.

5. Sergio's and John Secada
We're guessing John Secada can't go another day without a cafecito and an Elena Ruz sandwich, and that's precisely why Miami's favorite son should endorse one of its most popular Cuban restaurants. Sergio's is a family restaurant, Secada is a family guy -- can you think of anyone better?

4. Benihana and Anna Kournikova
Players whose physiques match Anna Kournikova's and require a protein-rich fish diet should eat at Benihana, which will soon become a hangout for tennis players worldwide.

3. Power Pizza and David Caruso, AKA "Lt. Horatio Caine"
Horatio Caine's Type A personality is all over anything that has to do with power. Caruso's CSI: Miami character just oozes with power. This goes especially with Power Pizza, whose pizzas are nothing short of grub fit for a cocky son-of-a-bitch Miami cop.

2. Burger King and Rosie O'Donnell
Rosie and Burger King together would be like cheeseburgers and fries, though you have to wonder if BK would be on board promoting O'Donnell's "nontraditional" family values. Maybe she could at least be the next BK mascot? 

1. Crêpe Maker and Iggy Pop
After seeing this guy perform, how could you not be excited to eat a crêpe? This picture could actually make a good billboard. Hell, get Iggy's permission to use his image on your T-shirts. They'd make good uniforms too.

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