The Setai Introduces New Seasonal Cocktails

The Setai brings upscale swank to every facet of the hospitality experience, so it's no surprise to discover that master mixologist Paul Sevigny has the run of the kitchen when it comes to pricey concoctions on the cocktail menu. Taking advantage of in-season produce, these new drinks (the "Rhubarb Stringer" and "Summer Joy") tip the scale in favor of creative license. Enter ingredients like vodka infused with peach, chili or rhubarb, vanilla scented sugar and sweet ginger syrup. Oh happy day.

So let's go out on a limb and say that you do not have $16 - $18 to fork over for a cocktail on a regular basis. Thus, we present the line-up of a few of The Setai's fabulous libations in recipe form. Naturally, it's more of an adventure to lounge in the gorgeous open courtyard of The Setai, but when friends come calling, your living room will be the hottest spot in town. Please invite us.

Note: Homemade infused vodka is very easily accomplished by placing your ingredients in a clean, airtight glass container and pouring in the vodka. Be sure to wash everything and remove any seeds or stems. Leave it alone for a week and watch the magic happen.

Chili Passion Martini


1 oz. Capt. Morgan Parrot Passion Fruit Rum
1/2 oz. House made Chili Infused Vodka, Russian Standard
1/2 oz. Cranberry Juice
3/4 oz. Passion Fruit Puree
Splash of Ginger Syrup (simple sugar and ginger)

Garnish: Chili Flakes and Chili Pepper


1. Add all the ingredients into Boston glass.
2. Shake with ice.
3. Strain into a Martini glass and add garnish.

Rhubarb Stringer


1 1/2 oz. Rhubarb infused vodka
1 oz. Rhubarb puree (look for Boiron)
3/4 oz. Vanilla bean syrup (simple sugar and vanilla)
1/2 oz. Citrus (lemon or lime works)

Garnish: Strawberry or a slice of ginger and a basil leaf.


1. Muddle strawberry and ginger.
2. Add ingredients into Boston glass.
3. Shake with ice.
4. Strain into rocks glass with ice and add garnish.

Summer Joy


1 1/2 oz. Peach infused vodka
3/4 oz. Crème de peach de vigne
1 oz. Blood Orange
1/2 oz. Vanilla bean sugar (available at specialty grocery stores like Fresh Market and Epicure, or just combine vanilla bean scrapings with sugar)

Garnish: Peach slice


1. Add ingredients into Boston glass.
2. Shake with ice.
3. Strain into cocktail glass and add garnish.

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